Global SMS provide not only a self-manage system for you to manage your existing member’s group, but also outsource broadcasting service to let you approach NEW targeted market group.

For Global SMS broadcasting service, we will help you to deliver your promotional message to your targeted group via back end sending, not got through your Global SMS account. These are the category filtration that you may select with us in order to focus particularly on your targeted group.


Category Filtration


Sample Message

Message1      Message2


With SMS Broadcasting , you may obtain customer’s contact via following methods :



Full Report will be generated upon completion of blasting job.

  1. Sent Item Report – to prove total quantity been blast out  (last 4 digit cross out)
  2. Miss Call Report – record of those who had been call in to system number
  3. SMS Inbox Report – record of those who reply SMS
  4. Web Form Report – record of those who fill up a registration Form in a APP
  5. APP Analytical Report – show numbers of click in to APP link


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