What is Global IVR ?

Global IVR is an Online Virtual Receptionist solution to replace real receptionist in handling calls diverting to relevant parties when customers press their option selection on phone’s keypad.


Global IVR  includes following :

  1. A dedicated virtual fixed line number is provided.
  2. Voice Greeting message with background music running for maximum up to 30 seconds.
  3. Call auto divert to appointed phone number / mobile phone number.
  4. (Optional) Record voice mail and send the voice mail to user’s email account.
  5. Admin login portal (www.globalfax.my) for Phonebook handling & to trace back all incoming call’s phone number records.


Why use Global IVR ?

  1. Cheaper cost since no hardware implementation required.
  2. Reduce manpower cost in hiring receptionist to answer & divert phones.
  3. Utilize the voice playback feature to brief customers on common ask question first before passing phone to human answered call.
  4. Utilize the voice playback feature to advertise promo updates in voice format.
  5. Every call in number is recorded with phonebook management to display customer’s name.  


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