What is Global FOM ?

Global FOM is a customize Functional Web Form solution to handle database collection via computer / smartphone / tablet. All entries collected will be centralized stored in cloud storage with Customize Live Statistic Report shown. With the statistic graph given, it is easier for you to understand the pool of data collected, without manually analyzing by plotting it out to Excel. However, the reports do support Export Data feature for you to export the records out to both Excel or Text format.

Example of Global FOM Applications :

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Survey Form Registration Form Membership Form Referral Form
Warranty Form Get Voucher Form Claim Form Product Enquiry Form
Online Ordering Form Online Booking Form Reservation Form Limited Ordering Form
Upload Form Invitation Form Evaluation Form Feedback Form
Customer Satisfaction Form Quotation Request Form Entrance Ticket Registration Form Check In Tracking Form


Sample of Global FOM Report Format :



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