Method 1:

Self-Manage Fax Broadcasting using “Send with ShareDB” feature in Global Fax Client Software


Click “Send with ShardDB” Button to enter to following DB Information page


 Select Database Source -> State (Area) -> Category (Industry)

At DB Download Settings : Enter Limit for Amount to Broadcast 

Press ” Send Now” to start blasting

Note :
 * Every Fax broadcasted is charged additional RM0.10 for the database.
 * Fax Airtime charged base on total minutes used in transmission,  depends on type of fax machine the recipient used.

Method 2:

Outsource Fax Broadcasting Service

* Email us your fax content
* inform us what area and industry targeted.
* Free Consultation service offer on your fax content design (Idea only, Not artwork design)
* Fax airtime charge base on per page

Broadcasting volume

Unit Rate

Discounted Price

5,000 Fax broadcasting

RM 0.200 Per page of Fax


10,000 Fax broadcasting

RM 0.190 Per Page of Fax


30,000 Fax broadcasting

RM 0.180 Per Page of Fax



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