In order to gain more from what you had spent in your Advertising cost, you need a tool to help you cater in this 3 aspects :

1.Able to measure your advertising effectiveness (You can’t improve without measurement figures)

2. Able to collect customer’s contact (You can’t retain your customer without knowing who they are)

3. Able to make your ads more attractive (This is the most important part, otherwise what you had spent will be wasted)


Global CMS (Campaign Management Solution) is the tool for you. It allow your customer to :

1. Click in to view more info about your campaign

2. Click in to view product catalog

3. One Touch Call / GPS Navigation guide to your location

4. Sign up to get your promotion offer


You may select either one of this marketing strategies to attract customer :

1. Sign Up to get a Discount Voucher / Cash Rebate

2. Sign Up to get a FREE gift

3. Sign Up to get a Entrance ticket

4. Sign Up to get Extended Warranty

5. Online Ordering / Booking


Upon customer sign up, CMS helps you in :

1. Auto send SMS / Email for reward redemption code (verify HP / email validity on the spot)

2. Collect Customer profile with Excel exportable

3. Show Live statistic graph

4. Auto synch Contacts to SMS phonebook for next follow up (Optional)


After your campaign, you are able to measure your campaign effectiveness via CMS APP analytical report:

1.Numbers of viewer access the CMS APP link

2.Each function button total viewer click in. 

3.Numbers of potential customer who had sign up to get your promotion offer

4.Numbers of those who had redeemed your reward


Just Fill up the CMS ordering form, your CMS APP will be ready in within 2 working days. QR Code & HTTP Link will be provided for you to insert into any type of advertising media


CMS Order Form