Your One Stop IT Solutions Partner Advertising Solutions Membership Solutions e-Office (Virtual Office) Solutions Event Management Solutions Sales Management Solutions Reservation / Booking Solutions Target Your Customer Group Advertising Solutions

• Ways to Reach Out to Your Targeted Group

• Ways to Maximize Your Advertising ROI

• Ways to Maximize Branding Effectiveness

Membership Loyalty Program Membership Solutions

• Customer Profile Management

• Loyalty Rewards Program

• Push Notification Alert

• Enhance Customer Services

Make Your Event Outstanding Event Management Solutions

• Issue & Redemption Control

• Live Analytical Tracking Reports

• Payment Gateway Integration

• Auto SMS / Email Respond

Enhance Business Operation Efficency Sales Management Solutions

• Avoid Communication Breakdown within departments

• Create & Track Billing records anywhere, anytime

• Monitor & Improve Performance

Virtual Office Solutions for SOHO / SMI Business e-Office Solutions

• Call Solution with dedicated Phone Number given

• Online Fax Solution with dedicated Fax Number Given

• Virtual Receptionist to answer call

• EBS System for Business Operation

Hotel / Rooms / Tables / Facilities / Service Reservation Online Reservation Solution

• Hotel Reservation & Management

• Table / Facilities Reservation

• Service Reservation


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